Monday, February 28, 2011

Imperator by Razer Review

Razer Imperator

The Imperator from Razer is a new design that provides the newest 5,700 dpi sensor inside its form-fitting shell. It's designed for right-handed gamers.

Along with the modern sensor, there are actually 7 customizable buttons together with onboard memory for up to 5 user-programmed button profiles.

What is extraordinary about the Imperator? It has a particular unique characteristic - the 2 side buttons on the side of the mouse can be repositioned by way of sliding them backward and forward. This enables you to attain the optimal button location for your hand size, which lets your hand relax a tad bit more. It is a wonderful concept that works remarkably well.

The Imperator is a pretty solid gaming mouse all the way around and we were noticeably impressed with its precise tracking and comfortable grip.

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